Back to School Supplies

Flare felt tip pens

Even though I haven’t been a student in a few years, I still love getting ready for the change in season. A trip down the local grocery store’s school supplies aisle with its rubber eraser smell brings a smile to my face. There are a few rituals I have followed for years before the summer ends. Before the start of the school year, I stock up on office supplies. I buy a few Pilot disposable cartridge pens, some colorful Flare felt tip pens, and ink cartridges for my various cartridge pens. The physical process of writing with a cartridge pen is more interesting than a ball point pen and I think it makes my not-very-neat handwriting a bit more legible. I stock on on Post-It notes if I find them on sale.

Another August tradition of mine is to purchase the September issue of Vogue. I don’t subscribe to women’s magazines any more, and only read them occasionally but I always buy the September issue. Borrowing it from the library won’t d0 – I snip out interesting looks for inspiration. I love to see the styles, colors, fabrics, and designs being shown for fall. I pursue every single page, ads and all. I love fall clothes – tweeds, wool, and cashmere are my favorites. This year’s USA Vogue cover will feature Kate Moss but the actual cover hasn’t been leaked yet, or at least I couldn’t find it.

Vogue USA 1988

It’s fun to see what color lipstick is in style; a new lipstick is a fun way to be trendy without breaking the bank. I gravitate to wine and deep brownish reds rather than bright reds though I occasionally try red again but never like it. It looks too tarty with my pale skin. I hope this fall’s colors are wearable. Recent dark purple and black trends were just ghastly.

Bobbi Brown lipstick

My last bit of back to school shopping is to buy a fun pair of tights. I can wear them 9 months out of the year here in Portland and like to find ones with interesting textures. I’d never worn wool tights till I moved here but they’re so toasty on a cold day. I like the color of the tights below but I’ll have to find a less pricy pair. Hue has had some nice designs and interesting colors for the past few years. Now, if only I won’t actually have to wear them til December…

Fendi red tights

Do you still mark the beginning of the school year though long out of school?


4 thoughts on “Back to School Supplies

  1. I always buy the September issues- even when I can’t afford anything in them! Except this year,hold your breath…I have a subscription to Vogue! I had airline miles that were going to expire so went with that.

    • Good way to use up those miles. I can rarely afford things in Vogue but a girl’s got to have her fantasies!

    • Ha! The best plan, indeed. We avoid the beach or whatever during school vacation. How’d I become such a curmudgeon? :)~

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