Three Wishes Wine

On one of my rare visits to Whole Foods recently, I saw that they’re selling $3 wine, Three Wishes, to compete with Trader Joe’s three buck chuck. Curious, I decided to try the chardonnay in my quest to be opened minded about cheap wine.

The color was very pale yellow and the aroma was of straw and overripe melon. It was a bit land on the tongue until I swallowed it; the finish was very tarts and metallic. I’m not going to buy the chardonnay again. Perhaps Whole Foods should stick with what it knows and does well.

Just for fun, here’s a photo of the original Whole Foods store in Austin. It was a completely different place, from it’s pungent organic odor to it’s neighborly feel. It’s hard to imagine the smelly but colorful original “evolving” into the clean, sterile Whole Foods of today.

The original Whole Foods Market in Austin


2 thoughts on “Three Wishes Wine

  1. I know it wasn’t an expensive wine but isn’t it the pits when you open a bottle, hoping for enjoyment and it’s awful? It seems SO wasteful but at my age I feel I deserve better (even with cheap wine) and I pour it out.

    Thanks for the heads up on this one. I got a great inexpensive bottle of read at Trader Joes and, of course, cannot remember the name now!

    • It’s very annoying to get a bad bottle. And I’m with you – life is too short to drink crappy wine. I don’t even cook with it because the flavor certainly won’t get better when it’s heated.

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