Remember Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink?

It finally felt warm enough this afternoon to open a bottle of rosé. My fondness for pink wine started in about 1978 with my first taste of Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink. I remember how pretty it looked in a clear plastic cup. I loved the sweetness, which I remember tasting like cotton candy but now I’m sure I’d shudder to sip something so syrupy. Ah, my palate has matured since then.

Today’s bottle was much more grown up. At my last visit to Portland Wine Merchants, they had a selection of rosés near the front counter. I bought a bottle of Ramazotti 2009 Bandiera Rose de Syrah (no accent on the e!), a wine produced in Sonoma County. The color wasn’t exactly pink; rather, it was a nice transparent red.

After I poured myself a glass, I let it sit for a few minutes while I stirred the pasta. When I brought my glass to the table a few minutes later, its pleasant aroma wafted through the air. It smelled citrusy, like grapefruit. Actually, the smell reminded me of my mom’s sangria – when we were little kids, we’d eat the wine soaked orange slices.

The taste is slightly sweet with a touch of mineral taste (salt). It had a nice acidity that balanced it, and had a medium finish that was acidic in a pleasant way. For $6.95, I thought this was a steal. I may buy a case for my summer wine stash. Last year it was a challenge to find a pleasant, not bone dry yet not too sweet with an interesting finish.


1 thought on “Remember Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink?

  1. Sue,

    I don’t know if it’s still available but you should try Cana’s Feast Rosato. I had not drunk rose since the Boones Farm days and kind of had looked down on it but this was the perfect drink for summer days. Delicious- I’m looking forward to opening a bottle this summer!

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