Two clips and a brooch

My vintage jewelry obsession includes all kinds of clips: shoe clips, dress clips, fur clips, clip earrings. From the 1920s through the 1950s, various dual purpose clips were patented. Dress clips and fur clips were sold in pairs with a separate frame with a pin on the back.  The clips could be temporarily attached to the frame to make one brooch, or worn separately as two or three. I have two brooches that separate into pairs of clips – one separates into dress clips, and the other into fur clips.

This first piece is a Coro Duette, and is likely from the 30s or 40s; the frame mechanism was patented in 1931. The brooch separates into two fur clips. The long, dangerous looking double-pronged clip was apparently to clip onto one’s fur; it could hold two sections of a thick fur stole than a regular dress clip. I purchased this at Magpie Vintage.

Coro Duette brooch - attached

Coro Duette - two fur clips

I’ve had this Weiss clip pin (shown below) for years . It’s a dress clip from sometime after 1942, when the Weiss jewelry company was founded. This piece doesn’t have a patent number but it is marked “Weiss.” You can see that the clip mechanism isn’t short enough to be a shoe clip, and doesn’t have the double-pronged clip that a fur clip typically does.

Weiss brooch - attached

Weiss brooch - two dress clips

For more information on vintage clips, see Illusion Jewels.


3 thoughts on “Two clips and a brooch

  1. I have a lovely little sweater clip from my grandmother with two pinkish mother of pearl ovals and a small chain. Is it any wonder I ended up a librarian?! I just need the glasses chain!

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