My favorite chore

My dad had a wooden shoe shine kit with lots of cool implements and polishes that I found pretty interesting as a kid. I used to like to watch him polish his shoes and buff them with a brush. As it’s turned out, polishing my shoes is my favorite chore. I like the immediate gratification of spiffier looking shoes after cleaning and polishing them. I like that it’s a chore that doesn’t take hours. I like that shining my shoes is a task that can be easily completed, unlike yard work, which never ever ends, or cleaning the house, which never ends, either.

Living here in the Pacific Northwest, I rarely even see nicely polished shoes unless one of the lawyers at my office is on on his or her way to the courthouse. Typical Pacific NW shoes are pretty rugged because of all the rain and because we dress for comfort. But a nicely polished pair of heels or shoes brings a smile to my face. I appreciate when someone puts the effort into looking nice. Now if only more of us ironed our clothes properly….present company included. I’ve been here too long…

Freshly polished shoes


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