Practice makes….

…not quite perfect…but I do see some improvement in my ability to keep the camera steady and not have too much glare from the rhinestones on jewelry I photograph.

Copper dove brooch

I like how this photograph turned out but I’d use a darker background next time. I was trying to match the background to the metal but a plain, dark background might have highlighted the piece more effectively.

Rhinestone brooch

This photograph is okay but it doesn’t show the detail of the stones. The five large ones are each tricolored – pale green, pale pink, and clear. I’ve heard them referred to as “watermelon rhinestones.” They are large art glass stones with some leafy texture, too, which I wasn’t able to capture. The round middle one is a darker green-pink-clear aurora borealis, but the iridescence was hard to capture. More practice needed here!

Narcissus close up

I think this turned out pretty well though I’d use a different background if it didn’t entail moving the flower. Maybe I could get my cat to sit quietly behind it while I take more photos. (Not likely!)

Green choker

I’ve taken dozens of photos of this necklace and this is the one I like best. It highlights the pretty rhinestones on the front of the necklace, and I can see the shapes of the beads.


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