Beautiful Hosiery

It’s chilly here in Portland 9 months out of the year so I wear tights to keep warm. Not only do they keep me warm but they’re a fun accessory. I wear thick woolen tights on rare very cold days but otherwise I like wearing patterned or textured or colorful tights.

I’d never thought much about what kind of stockings or legwear women in the early 1900s wore until I was browsing the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery.  The four advertisements below show stockings in a surprising variety of colors and designs, including two slightly naughty French pairs with images of snakes curled around the ankle. I wonder if my great-grandmothers wore lovely tights like this? Fun to ponder!


One thought on “Beautiful Hosiery

  1. I LOVE the new name- Congratulations!

    And I love tights too. I got a pretty pair of dark brown cable that I wanted to wear with booties but never found a bootie I liked!

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