Art Deco

One of my favorite styles of both jewelry and furniture is Art Deco. Historians say that it started in Paris in 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.  I love the geometric shapes, bright colors, and strong lines of the Art Deco period.

I’ve been reading a couple of design books that talk about the history of Art Deco. The first is a 1966 book titled The Nineteen Twenties Style, by Yvonnne Brunhammer. In first few chapters, she discusses Art Nouveau and other styles that preceded and influenced Art Deco. She uses the later chapters to write about different kinds of style; she has chapters on fashion, furniture, poster art, and upholstery, among others. This book gives  a nice background of style in the twenties, and has 65 photographs to drool over.

The second book I’ve been reading is Guilia Veronesi’s Style and Design: 1909-1929, written in 1966. Her focus is mainly on European style. She intersperses lengthy quotes from artists and designers throughout the book, which gives it a more scholarly feel than Ms. Brunhammer’s. The book includes many illustrations and photographs and has a glossary and a “who’s who” in early 20th century design.

I’ve enjoyed reading the history and looking at the great clothes. If I could only find a Poiret gown in my size that didn’t cost a small fortune… for now, I have a lovely celluloid pin with rhinestones that I’ve been wearing a lot.


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