Shoe Clips

I remember the first pair of shoes clips I ever bought were from the Blue Bird Circle thrift store in Houston. They were small rhinestone squares with lots of sparkle. I wore them attached to black shoes but I have no idea where I wore them.

My favorite shoe ornaments are shown in the photos below. The pair on the left in the first photo are very old ruched black silk and cut steel ornaments I found at an estate sale; next to that pair is a French pair of brass shoe ornaments with paste or rhinestones. The last photo shows a pair of antique abalone shoe clips that I wear on my black oxfords.

Offhand, I can’t recall reading a novel that mentions shoe clips. Jane Eyre was probably too poor to wear them. I wonder if Simone de Beauvoir wore them? Or Coco Chanel? Or Mamie Eisenhower?

I like shoes and I like sparkly jewelry, so shoe clips are the perfect accessory. They’re unusual, not terribly expensive, and fun to find.


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