La Ferme de Gicon 2009 Côtes du Rhône

I’ve realized in the past year or so that I really like wines from the Côtes du Rhône appellation in France. I bought this bottle at New Seasons grocery store last week to try it out.

Wine Name: La Ferme de Gicon

Grapes: Blend of red grapes. I’m not sure because the label is hard to read & I couldn’t find it on the website.

Origin: France, Côtes du Rhône

Cost: about $8

My thoughts: The color of this wine was a beautiful deep red. It smelled like ripe figs, berries, and maybe a touch of tobacco. It had a bit of salt (mineral) taste on the tongue, and a slight hint of tannin, with a medium finish. The wine was really delicious with some D’Affinois cheese; the unctuosness of the cheese matched perfectly with the body and flavor of the wine.

Now I’d like to visit the Laudun Chusclan vineyard – you can visit the cellar, go for a hike, and taste wine.


I love to hear your comments!

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