As a kid I hated saddle shoes…but now?

I remember my mother buying me black and white saddle shoes as a kid, and how much I hated them.  I really wanted shiny black patent leather Mary Janes but that’s not what I got. I’ll have to ask her about this – black patent may have been too hard to clean or maybe they were still considered improper for a young girl because the shiny surface could reflect your undergarments?

The irony is that I’ve always loved spectator pumps and two toned brogues or oxfords. I’ve owned spectator shoes in various color combinations – tan and white, tan and black, gold and cream, and black and burgundy. I saw a lovely pair of Ferragamo flats in red and white. I don’t usually wear white shoes of any sort but I sort of like these

Red and white Ferragamo flats


So, would you wear old fashioned saddle shoes? What about two toned spectators? With white?

Inspiration: Virginie and Veronique Morana’s The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style.


One thought on “As a kid I hated saddle shoes…but now?

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