The Hague – pancakes and dresses

On a recent trip to Europe, my sweetie and I took the train from Amsterdam to The Hague for a day. We wandered around the city and stopped for sustenance at Will’s Pancake house.

Photo 2010 Todd Mecklem

Photo 2010 Todd Mecklem

We continued on our walk and enjoyed window shopping (me), taking photos (Todd) and soaking in the atmosphere. I stopped by a clothing store called Noa Noa, which had European women’s clothes. By European, I mean nothing like what you’d find at Ann Taylor or Nordstroms, but perhaps similar to Anthropologie, but with a slightly more adult, sophisticated look. I had no time to try anything on but I did drool over some of the dresses. When I got back to Portland, I searched the Noa Noa website for stores in the United States but there are none here. I searched Google to find out who carries the brand – lucky for me (not so much my sweetie) there’s a store here in Portland, Narcisse that is the only place in the States that carries the brand. It’s a lovely space downtown at1015 SE Washington, with lots of room, and artfully hung clothing and jewelry. The claw foot tub filled with lights makes me smile.

I bought a beautiful wrap dress for summer there. It’s a pretty viscose dress with a cream background and purple flowers. I really like that it comes down to my knees – it’s much more appropriate for work than some of the very short dresses out there these days.


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