Hermanos Lurton 2004 Rosado

This Sunday was the first wonderful, sunny day of the year, so my sweetie and I went walking around the Hawthorne neighborhood to look at the flowers and get some fresh air. We hadn’t been in the Portland Wine Merchants for quite some time, so we stopped to have a look. We had a couple of tastes, chatted very briefly with the owner, I think, and left with two bottles of rose, among other bottles. I often feel intimidated in a wine store but the proprietor said something to the effect that it’s just a beverage. So true!

Hermanos Lurton Rosado

Hermanos Lurton Rosado

I tasted this wine blind, and thought the aroma was unassuming but pleasant, with a slight fruity smell. I couldn’t identify any particular flower or fruit. The color was a brownish pink. It was surprisingly crisp; I suppose I’d drunk many sweet pink wines in my youth (Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink!) so I was surprised it wasn’t sweet. It has a nice berry taste in the back of the throat, and a short finish. It’s a lovely wine that I plan to drink often this spring.

Vino De La Tierra De Castilla Y Leon

: Garanacha and Tempranillo

Price: $7.00 (local wine store)


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