Bar Avignon

A friend and I went to Bar Avignon on Division for happy hour last night, and really enjoyed it. We spent a lovely evening catching up, trying new drinks, and enjoying the atmosphere.

We ordered a few things from the happy hour menu – the house red, the house white, and the house pink.  All were pleasant.  (I decided not to take notes while socializing.) I ordered the boquerones with crostini…I didn’t like the fishiness of the anchovies but they were anchovies so I’m not sure what I expected! I also had the chicken croquettes – wow! My friend had the meatballs, which came with a dark pink sauce that was really nice.

The evening wore on, and the bartender created a couple of special drinks for my friend. We also tried a sayulita margarita, a simple concoction of lime, sugar, tequila with a sugared rim, and had an interesting martini with elderflower essence.

Fun place – I’ll be back! It’s in my neighborhood, so we can just walk there after work.


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