Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro

I met some colleagues at Thirst Wine Bar at the RiverPlace on the waterfront tonight,  a place I don’t go to often enough. It’s just outside my usual geographic range but I always like the wine, the service, and the food. Tuesday nights they have a wine flight and cheese pairing, so I tried three wines and three cheeses.

Thirst’s Willamette White (Chardonnay and Viogner) with Rogue Oregon Blue
Witness Tree Pinot Noir with Goat’s Gouda from Holland
Oswego Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
with Beecher’s Flagship cheddar from Seattle

My favorite pairing was  with the Beecher’s  Flagship cheddar with the Cabernet.  The flavors complemented each other so nicely.

I didn’t take notes at the time, and couldn’t remember the wines’ names so I emailed one of the co-owners, Leslie Palmer, who emailed me back very promptly telling me what the flights and cheeses were that night. Even more good service!

If you haven’t been to Thirst, go! Thursdays nights they pour tastes from 5-8, and you can try all kinds of wonderful wine. Their happy hour is really nice, too.  My next goal is to get my husband to join me for dinner…


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