Mosen Cleto Crianzo 2004

Mosen Cleto Crianza

Mosen Cleto Crianza

Wine Name: Mosen Cleto Crianza 2004

Origin: Spain (Campo de Borja)

Cost: $7

Grapes: Grenache (75%) Tempranillo (25%)

My Thoughts: The color was a pretty purplish burgundy. The aroma was that of ripe plums and chocolate, and had a nice taste with a bit of tannin. It has a lingering finish that I really liked. The first time I saw this wine, the bottle with sand on it intrigued me. I don’t know if it’s clever marketing or an old Spanish tradition, but it’s really interesting.


4 thoughts on “Mosen Cleto Crianzo 2004

  1. I just broke into this. Someone brought it to our house for a get-together. The sand on the bottle looks like a huge gimmick. It could be a huge gimmick. But I love the wine inside.

  2. I just about this wine on a road trip. The look of the bottle got my attention.. I can’t decide if i should open it or not! ha. Im a newbie to wine… But very interested in comments people of of this one. Thanks!

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