Wonderful book with Dalí’s jewelry

Todd and I went to the Portland Art Museum’s book sale this past weekend and found some great Christie’s and Sotheby’s photograph auction catalogs. There are hundreds of famous photographs in them listing the provenance and description of each.  But our big find was a beautiful book with color plates of Salvador Dalí’s jewelry. Wow, what an amazing, quirky, wonderful artist. The book is Dali: A Study of His Art in Jewels, published in 1965 by the Owen Cheatham foundation.

Here’s an example of his jewlery, which I downloaded from the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation at http://www.salvador-dali.org/museus/joies/en_historia.html

The Eye of Time

The Eye of Time

I’ve only seen a few original Dalí pieces but when I was looking at the La Fundació Dalí website tonight I realized that there will be a Dalí exhibition while we are in Istanbul later this year.  I’m very excited about it!


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