Books about wine and grapes

Here are three books I’ve been reading in my quest to learn more about wine. I would recommend them all for different reasons.

1. Mares, Tom. (1992). Mastering Wine. Grove Press, NY. TP548.M3335 1992

This book had great information on the process of tasting wine, including a suggestion to try wines both alone and with food. I’ve started nibbling on a bit of cheese after my first taste of a wine, and it does help me figure out the flavor.

2. Clarke, Oz. (2005). Oz Clarke’s New Essential Wine Book: The Indispensible Guide to the Wines of the World. Fireside Press, NY. TP548.93 C5193

The photographs and wine descriptions in this book are very useful, but my favorite parts are the maps and geographic description of each wine type.

3. Clarke, Oz. (2007). Oz Clarke’s Grapes and Wines: The Definitive Guide to the World’s Great Grapes and the Wines They Make. SB398.28.C53 2007

This last book has lengthy descriptions of grapes and their growth, location, processing, and history. I really enjoy learning more about what I’m tasting.


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