Vendage California 2006 merlot

Vendage California 2006 Merlot

Vendage California 2006 Merlot

I’m having lots of fun tasting and thinking about new wines. I’m an amateur wine reviewer so my descriptions are what I taste or smell or perceive, and may not include “professional” jargon and descriptions. The librarian in me looks at the wine’s label as though it were the cover page of a book being cataloged- what it says is what I write as the wine name.

Wine name: Vendage California 2006 Merlot

Origin: Woodbridge and Madera, California

Cost: $5-6

Grapes: merlot

My thoughts: Nice burgundy color. I would describe the aroma as cooked figs and cooked cherries – nice. I liked the taste; to me there was almost a carbonated feel in my mouth. The finish was medium. I would definitely buy this again.


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