Quinta de Bons-Ventos 2006 – first blind tasting!

Qunita de Bons-Ventos

Qunita de Bons-Ventos

I’ve decided the proper way to taste and review wines is to have my husband open the bottle in another part of the house, pour it, and bring it to me without my knowing what it is. I write my notes on the aroma and taste before he reveals which wine it is. This method is closer to what Goldstein writes about in his book. I don’t know if not seeing the label or knowing what I spent on it makes a difference but I’m guessing it does.

Wine Name:Quinta de Bons-Ventos 2006

Origin: Portugal (Estremadura)

Grapes: Castelão, Camarate, Tinta Miuda, Touriga Nacion

Cost: $7.00

My thoughts: This wine is a lovely deep purple. It smells fruity, and almost has an earthy, or mushroomy smell. I like the taste a lot – my notes say “yum!”. The finish is pretty short. I think it’s a good summer red, and I’d definitely buy this again.


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